Studium Progetti

Acoustic Consulting - Architectural Acoustics

"You must know that Architecture and music are sisters as both depend on time and space. The instrument creating this charm is the proportion to which moods are thicken to the highest degree of their capabilities, getting near metaphysics, gods language"

Entretiens avec les étudiants des écoles d'architecture - Le Corbusier, 1943

The acoustic consulting concerns specialized buildings and places such as: theatres, cinema halls, conference halls, concert halls, reading-rooms, dance halls, class rooms etc etc. It also concerns all places where talking and listening must be very clear. The right function of these places cannot be apart from a perfect acoustic-architectonic plan which, as the great modern designers do, must become the starting point from which the idea of a project rises and develops.Acoustics applied to architectonic plans is a quite young art and the difficulties which the designer meets in carrying out their acoustic plans are solved by the scientific researches. Research work gets great success in the auditory perception (auditory physiology and psychic acoustics) in the phenomenon of sound diffusion and in the capability of an easy and whole measure of the size involved.

So come along with us and discover this complex and fascinating science through:

  • acoustic measures of real places (calculation of the impulse response and of all the acoustic parameters);
  • tridimensional modellings and simulation of virtual acoustic space;
  • plans of correcting intervention, definition and choice of the materials to be used;
  • plans of sound diffusion systems;
  • "Auralizations" that's acoustic formulations able to return how a planned space will sound.