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Acoustic Consulting - Building Acoustics

In Italy, in 1997, was promulgated the Decree of the Prime Minister DPCM 5/12/1997 that defines the "passive acoustic requisites of buildings": they are parameters that indicates the insulation in buildings and from outside.

This law orders the achievement of minimum values for the airborne sound insulation of façades, between rooms of different flats and for the impact sound insulation.

This matter is often avoided while planning. This is the reason why a lot of buyers very often take legal action against building contractors and they are compensated with large sum of money for damages.

The lack of the passive acoustic requisites of buildings is a very important constructive defect known by law because it limits the whole possession of the dwelling places.

The service of acoustic consulting can help the designer in:

  • the choice of the materials and the constructive technologies to be employed;
  • the settlement of constructive details carefully elaborated;
  • the possible check up of the working process in the name of work direction of the work concerning the sound insulation;
  • the final acoustic field measurement, up to complete certificate of each unit.

Finally we think that reaching a good "acoustic comfort" isn't completely guaranteed by observing the limit values of law because they are only real work of a building elements (partitions, floor, installation). On the contrary it is fast bound to the architectonic, distributive and furnishing aspects. For this reason, we can develop specific information that before observing the passive acoustic requisites are able to improve the quality of the space planned. In order to check up some planning observations in order to better the acoustic comfort, click here (only in Italian).