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Acoustic Consulting - Environmental Acoustics

Everybody realized how much the acoustic pollution hangs over houses and work places.

This problem has been studied in Italy since 90's and legislative measures have been taken against it. Since them new urban places are planned observing the law.

The pollution problem must be solved starting from a correct territorial planning to an architectural planning so that the different search steps may develop an organization of acoustic sources (noisy activities and infrastructures) and of the "house" spaces (houses, schools and hospital) in order to get better the quality of life. Here the acoustic consulting services use a complete set of instrument for measurement and data elaboration in different testing steps:

  • drawing up of acoustical planning;
  • drawing up of acoustical cure planning;
  • forecast valuations of acoustic climate;
  • documents of acoustic impact;
  • surveys and observations to check noisy emissions on installations, machines and infrastructures and other sources;
  • plans of mitigation and noise reduction on plants, machines, infrastructures and other sources.