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36° Convegno Nazionale AIA

10th-12th June 2009 - 36° Convegno Nazionale AIA

The 36th AIA Annual Meeting will take place at National Institute of Metrological Research (INRIM), in Turin, from 10th to 12th of June of 2009. At the meeeting will be presented invitational reports, oral reports and posters.

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Seminar of professional up to date activities course

14th January 2004 - Seminar of professional up to date activities course

Studium Progetti organized a professional up to date seminar at the Oriani San Francesco Monastery in Bagnacavallo on 14th January 2004. The main was to analize the problems, the principles, the methods and the materials which may be used for a right acoustic environment and architectonic plans in a complete and short way. Mr Massimo Garai and Mrs Carla Tavernelli, teachers of DIENCA of the Engineering University of Bologna were the chairmen of the meeting. Mr Tiberio Montanari, a technician of ARPA Acoustic Team of Ravenna (Italy) was involved.