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Environmental Acoustics - Acoustic Classification of Conselice

Acoustic Classification of Conselice Acoustic Classification of Conselice
Ubicazione: Conselice (Ra)
Data: 2006
Stato realizzazione: Finished

The plan was realized in according with D.Lgs 447/95 and Regionale Law of Emilia Romagna Region n. 15 of 9 May 2001 as follows:

  • The testing of the destination of the real territory use according to PRG. It displayed and classified the acoustic areas;
  • The study of the urban instruments in force, particularly of the urban traffic plan;
  • The measurement of the real traffic flux and the assignment of the acoustic buffer strip as fixed by law about the roadway (DPR 142-2004) and about the railway noise (DPR 459-1998);
  • A campaign of sound pressure level measurments as a sample effected continuously for 24 hours in different critical areas of the territory;
  • The final assignment of the acoustic areas of the territory;
  • The location of the areas where an acoustic improvement is necessary and other probable critical areas;
  • The identification of some areas for temporary activities;
  • The elaboration of the technical norms of implementation.
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