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Architectural Acoustics - Former Teatro Italia - Fusignano

Former Teatro Italia - Fusignano Former Teatro Italia - Fusignano Former Teatro Italia - Fusignano Former Teatro Italia - Fusignano Former Teatro Italia - Fusignano Former Teatro Italia - Fusignano Former Teatro Italia - Fusignano Former Teatro Italia - Fusignano Former Teatro Italia - Fusignano Former Teatro Italia - Fusignano Former Teatro Italia - Fusignano
Ubicazione: Fusignano (Ra)
Data: 2002 - 2007
Stato realizzazione: finished

The project and the site engineering was coordinated by famous architect Lamberto Rossi and his collaborators. They elaborated 3D-model of the theatre that you can see in the home page and in this web site: for this reason, for the trust that he shows me and for the friendship that was born since here, I am and I will be sincerely grateful to him forever.

The project was to complete the recovery of an important historic structure in the centre of Fusignano: the former "Teatro Italia" (it was a cinema and a theatre till 80's) had to become a polifuctional hall and an auditorium. The external structure was recovered a few years ago when was realized new municipal offices and nearby mons. Vantangoli Square.
The target of the project was the definition of internal surfaces and re-modelling of scene spaces and of stalls.

The study began with acoustical measurement of the state of art, in collaboration with professor Massimo Garai of Department DIENCA of Faculty of Engeneering in Bologna, using a dodecaedric source, a dummy-head as receiver and some digital instruments to generate ad record the signals.

With MLS technic was measured the impulse response in different places of the hall and from them was calculated all acoustical parameters of the state of art.
These data was been used for the calibration of the tridimensional virtual model created for the software for acoustical simulations "Ramsete 2".
Next step was the analysis of possible project ideas to satisfy commitment demand, that was mainly interested to have an eccellent space for listening to music and in particular to baroque music; next we ought to return this public space as functional as possible, so it will be used for dramatic performances, conferences and cinemas.

These are very different using ways from the acoustical point of view. So it was decided to privilege the first target and fulfil to the poli-functional request using movable acoustic panels. Them permitted to change acoustical characteristics of the hall in according with the particular necessity.
In particular, the acoustic project, adopted these elements:

  • sound-absorber surfaces using Topakustik panels used in back wall and in some surfaces towards the stage;
  • the closing of the volume of the barrel vault through a false ceiling with plasterboard to avoid possible focusings;
  • the realization of an acoustic room with suspended panels and with stage panels partly fixed and partly movable, realized with exterior finish in milled MDF;
  • the insertion on the side surfaces of sound-diffuser panels, always with the exterior finish in milled MDF;
  • the realization of a sound-insulation tackling at the intrados of the metallic coverage to attenuate the noise produced by the rain;

The theater has been inaugurated December 23 rd 2007 with an exciting concert held by the Ensamble Aurora with the famous M° Enrico Gatti (violin), the M° Marco Frezzato (cello) and the M° Guido Morini (harpsichord).  
The staff that has projected the theater and supervised the works is so composed:

  • Architectural project and Site Engineer:Lamberto Rossi
  • Collaborator Architectural Project and director of architectural works: Michele Stillittano
  • Project and director of Structures: Pio Farina
  • Project and director of Plants:Giancarlo Montagna
  • Collaborators at the Plants Project: Marco Peloso, Claudio Orlati
  • Project and director of Acoustics: Studium Progetti - Alessandro Placci
  • Coordinator of the Safety during the projectation: Romeo Menarini
  • Coordinator of the Safety during the works: Enrico Ghiselli
  • Responsible of the Procedure: Michele Cipriani
  • Final Tester: Alberto Valenti
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