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Building Acoustics - New building of the "Rione Verde" in Faenza

New building of the
Ubicazione: Faenza (Ra)
Data: 2004
Stato realizzazione: Realizing...

The new house of the Rione Verde (Green District) was built inside on historical building in Via Cavour after a restored intervention and a conservative building renovation making a part of the Monumental Church Yard new. A wing of the new House has been used as a Youth Hostel.

The acoustic consulting involved its urban setting and its evaluation of the acoustic compatibility, in particular the noise of the technical plants set outside the building. Besides the acoustic consulting involved the checking of the inside acoustic comfort. We studied the distributive lay-out of the rooms in order to reduce all noise of the services at a minimum and get the acoustic insulation among the rooms better. For these reason some executive details for the room division were fulfilled.

The project and the Site engineering have been performed by the office Archigeo of Faenza; the Structural works from the office G. Casadio (Faenza); for the fittingses they have intervened Studio Seta (Faenza) and ESI Project (Forlì).

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