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Architectural Acoustics - Parcobaleno cinema - Alfonsine

Parcobaleno cinema - Alfonsine Parcobaleno cinema - Alfonsine Parcobaleno cinema - Alfonsine Parcobaleno cinema - Alfonsine Parcobaleno cinema - Alfonsine Parcobaleno cinema - Alfonsine
Ubicazione: Alfonsine (Ra)
Data: 2003 - 2008
Stato realizzazione: Finished first step - Now realize second step
With this project the Municipality of Alfonsine has wanted to realize a polyvalent space to give hospitality to the summer review of cinema and other public demonstrations, that normally takes place outdoor. The context in which the structure has been inserted is the so named public park “Parcobaleno.”  
The intent was therefore to create a space that answered to the expectations of the client, that guaranteed a good listening of the cinema audio and that was correctly inserted in an already partially urbanized context and with predominantly residential destination.  
The first project idea foresaw the realization of an earth embankment where put the stage and of a fixed structure in reinforced concrete and plastered tile that it acted from screen for the projections, to the feet of which to put a polyvalent stage, the hygienic services and the store.  
To complete this idea it is thought realizing the side closing of the embankment (initially foresaw only with green elements) with two walls of support that acted from acoustic barrier towards the residences set on the east side and they directed good side reflections toward the public, so that to strengthen the direct signal coming from the integrated diffusers in the structure of the screen. Thanks to this intervention will be gotten an increase of the level and of the “presence” sonorous, particularly in positions more distant from the sources and an increase of the side fraction, indicative parameter of the so-called “spatial impression.”  
Currently the first step has been completed (block screen of projection-store-services). The project and the site engineering have been coordinated by the Arch. Gianluca Minguzzi (Officina di Architettura - Alfonsine), while the plant project and of the works of fire protection have been followed by the ing. Paolo Nanni.
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