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Architectural Acoustics - Project for new University Campus in Forlė

Project for new University Campus in Forlė Project for new University Campus in Forlė Project for new University Campus in Forlė Project for new University Campus in Forlė
Ubicazione: Forlė (Fc)
Data: 2005 - 2008
Stato realizzazione: Waiting...

As you can see in, the new University Campus of Forlì is an important occasion for this town to recover its city center and dress up a new identity.

This project has four points:

  • The university will become a bridge between the old town and the new one;
  • It will give an important urban archaeological area back to the town;
  • It will reinforce the University town and finally;
  • The project will awake the interest in culture. The new building will receive ten thousand students, good teachers and will offer structures and services to the town.

The hospital, dated back at the beginning of 1900, has independent and joined pavilions. They have been recovered and brought back to their original transparency and organic unity. The arrangement of the function is clear: the enormous specialistic common equipment are under the ground floor. The departments are on the first and second floor. The research departments and the higher training education are on the upper floors. The new buildings are the bridge between the inside and the outside of historical centre. They are common rooms where the classrooms represent the consistent extension of the restored historical building but they are independent at the same time.

The "trefolo", the long connective element which joins the elements of the system is born from the intersection of the different university activities: the research, the didactic, the high education, the group and personal study activities, the relationship create a dynamic, anti-hierarchic, stimulating and strongly interesting atmosphere.

The acoustic consulting examined the check of the reverberation time of the didactic spaces such as the classrooms, the library and the reading rooms. The planned spaces were projected with a three-dimensional software called "Ramsete 2.1". We chose a materials after examining the different planned solutions.

We used iron sheet panels with an inside sound absorbing material called "Euroceilings", we also used pierced plasterboards and recycled plastic staves set out horizontally. The staves had a defined distance in order to guarantee the excellent result of the behind sound-absorber mattress.

People who partecipated at the project are:

  • Designers:Lamberto Rossi (chief), Massimo Galletta, Roberto Lazzarini, Marco Tarabella, Paolo Zilli
  • Collaborators: Maria Rosaria Favoino, Lucas Luzzi, Massimiliano Piccinini, Ilaria Pruneri, Alessandro Placci (Acoustics)
  • Structural Engineers: Claudio Dolcini with Angelo Andrea Miretta, Proges Engineering
  • Plants Project: Manens Intertecnica
  • Fire Protection Project: Niccola Rivizzigno
  • Prices Bill of Quantities: BC - Building Consulting
  • Process Manager:Gianfranco Argnani

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