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Architectural Acoustics - Recovery of parish complex in Granarolo (Ra)

Recovery of parish complex in Granarolo (Ra) Recovery of parish complex in Granarolo (Ra)
Ubicazione: Granarolo Faentino (Ra)
Data: 2004 - 2006
Stato realizzazione: Realized

The project involved the whole parish buildings: the church, the rectory, a group of polyvalent spaces, two inside gardens, the gymnasium and residential buildings.

The parish wanted to carry out some flats for old people, a day centre, a polyvalent room, the new classrooms for catechism, a new oratory rooms.

The acoustic project examined both the environmental acoustic conditions caused by the noise of outside working activities and the project of building acoustic of some special rooms: the polyvalent hall for meetings, theatre performances and cinema and the day centre. The project was studied through a virtual three-dimensional programme and the architectonic solution were checked with the software "Ramsete 2.1". We chose panels of ironed sheet "Eurocelinigs" for both rooms halls.

People who partecipated at project working are:

  • Coordination - General Supervisor - Financing: Arch. Roberto Ravagli 
  • Site Engineer, Structural Calculation, Accounting of works: Ing. Alberto Pezzi
  • Project and Architectural Site Engineering: Arch. Carlo D'elia
  • Electric Plants Project and Site Engineering: E.S.I. Project Studio Tecnico Associato  
  • Conditioning and Idraulic Project and Site Engineering: Studio Seta
  • Acoustic Consulting: studium progetti - Ing. Alessandro Placci
  • Safety Coordinator: Geom. Franco Geminiani, Geom. Gianfranco Geminiani 
  • Surveying: Geom. Ruggero Baldu'  
  • Geological Inquiry: Dott. Gianpaolo Guarnieri
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