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Building Acoustics - Residential buildings in Casalborsetti (RA)

Residential buildings in Casalborsetti (RA) Residential buildings in Casalborsetti (RA)
Ubicazione: Casalborsetti (Ra)
Data: 2004 - 2008
Stato realizzazione: Realized

The intervention object of consulting concerns a residential complex divided in four excerpts the first one of which it counts 19 lodgings. Also second and third excerpts (both of them with 23 lodgings) have been concluded in 2008.
The consultation has concerned the planning and the testing how prescribed by the DPCM 5-12-97 for the façade insulations, air-borne sound insulation between flats and impact sound insulation.  
To completed works an issue of the building has been predisposed in which for every housing unity all the results of measurements have been brought.  
It deals with an analytical verification with which the performances of the residences are certified and are contextually verified the work in the yard.  
The project and the site engineering have been coordinated by the Arch. Cristiano Rossi - Faenza.

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